Ascension Butterfly Pyrite Pendant
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Ascension Butterfly Pyrite Pendant

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Ascension, the willful and transformative act of ascending, is a miracle in itself. The little sister of a best seller and beloved favorite, our new Ascension Butterfly Pyrite Pendant is meant to inspire and fortify your own efforts of ascension, whether literal or metaphoric. Cast in brass, the one side is a butterfly wing dotted with Swarovski crystals while the other is an angle wing, both balanced by a boldly faceted pyrite center. Reverse is etched with ASCEN.

 BEHIND THE DESIGN Is it possible to contemplate the duality of existence in a design? That we are of the earth, yet divine…. that we are lightness, amidst the darkness… That we can transform, in time. Here, half angel wings, and half butterfly wings, balanced by a faceted Pyrite stone center.  I hope this pendant reminds us that as we open ourselves up to our own beauty, to our divinity, we too are like the butterfly that ascends from its cocoon, making manifest the wonder of life.



Brass, Sterling Silver, Pyrite & Swarovski Crystals                    


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